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I hate venting,I really do. I fucking hate pity,but sometimes I just need to get a load off my chest. I'm going to get pretty personal in this.
I don't feel clean. I feel dirty. Let's just call this man, Steven. Steven is my mother's boyfriend. He met her when I was about 7. But let's just get to the point.
I was molested by Steven three times. It all started with him watching me sleep at night through my door when my mom was asleep. I'm usually up every night until 1:00am, sneaking and watching Youtube videos on a school night. I would hear his footsteps and hide my phone under my bed, then lay and pretend I'm asleep. while he watched me, for up to about 10-15 minutes. I would even wake up to him standing right next to my bed, staring at me. At those times, I wore short shorts and tank tops to sleep. When he kept doing this, I started to wear big sweaters and pants to sleep. After that, it stopped for a while. So I stopped worrying. Still wore those clothes to sleep tho. About a week
:iconzimmer-shine:Zimmer-Shine 2 9
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welp, my mascot won't be in The Curse of The Black Ink, guess i gotta work on the bio again...
Atomic the Mascot!
this is the new "Atomic" mascot by the way! I wanted to get out of my hiatus somehow, so I did a simple sketch, is it different from what I've drawn? no! I just want to back in the swing of things in terms of art. Atomic's personality is short tempered and clumsy, and yet brave and helpful to others, but that's all you need to know for now. ;)

Atomic belongs :iconatomicredhead7:

Don't forget to comment and favorite my art!


(EDIT: i had to remove all traces of epic mickey because the character won't be in :iconshinysmeargle:'s comic)
for the people who are favorting the journal, KEEP IN MIND that I done goofed
i'm sorry to those who had to see the journal. I've known better...
allow me to introduce myself, I'm AtomicRedHead7 or Atomic for short, but you already know this, "why am I making a journal?" you might ask. Well, it's a long story, i came to this website hoping to make art as I desired, but as you can tell, i haven't posted art in a long time... the last pic i did was in February 13th (as a valentine days pic for a special friend). the reason i don't post art is because of 2 things.

1.) lack of motivation and creativity
2.) forcing myself to be "creative"

and because of that, I've been lacking in posting art... which means i'm going on art hiatus, just temporarily, because what i lack in art, i can sure make up in other categories, i mention this before, but i'll bring it up again, i'm writing for a web comic with :iconshinysmeargle: called "Captain NX" which we will plan to to put out during the summer of this year (yes, it's coming in summer 2017), but as soon as i announce it, no comments, like at all, only this one kid comments (keep in mind, he comments on everything) and that's it! i have roughly 30 watchers, and only one of them comments, some of them comment if it's something for them, but that's it! I've talked to some people about my situation, they brought up that people who get fan art get tons of comments because it's fan art of some video game/movie/TV show/book, "but doesn't Captain NX as fanart?" kinda of, i'm more or less thinking of putting OCs in the story.

here are some examples:
Carol by ShinySmeargle
Octavius by ShinySmeargle
Athena by ShinySmeargle (these characters belong to :iconshinysmeargle:)
as well as others OCs, like
Rose Tralley Doodles by SaccharoKirby / 
Icarus: Empyrean Wings - Seraph by SaccharoKirby
(these characters belong to :iconsaccharokirby:)
(also here's a list of character that will be in the story:…)
my point is i do fan projects of more lesser known things, i try to avoid the mainstream stuff, EVEN SOME INDIE GAME, like Undertale, are in my opinion, mainstream because of the massive fandom it spawned! in other words, i don't want to be another "cog in the machine". and to my watchers, when i post art, make sure you comment something, like "hi" as an example. I just want some answer out of you, and don't forget to favorite the art as well, now that i think about it, i will be posting some art soon, and just to make sure you see this!


now this isn't everyone! these were the only people active on DA who are my watchers, as in they post art and stuff, and were not kids or left DA.
anyway, i'm gonna recap what i said.

1.) i'm taking a small art hiatus until either my art gets better or some of you guys comment

2.) just because i'm taking an art break, doesn't mean i'm not working, i'm still writing the plot of some of my stories.

and 3.) once the break stops, expect plenty of art from me!

so, thanks for reading 



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Hey its me from discord
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Sh1nyPizz4 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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how are you doing?
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Hey can you resend the message of what you wanted me to draw for your birthday? I lost the message.
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