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quick update: i will be drawing the characters and settings of Paintbrush, then I will post more pages.
hopefully, no one minds that!
good news fellow watchers!
I now have pencils and erasers that are separate from the pencils!
quick update on PaintBrush, i'll stop using textures and actual color (I was just experimenting at the time)
update: I'm running low on pencils, so until i get more, all art will be put on halt!
By the way, I've already made up my mind when it came to the original gem adopt. I'm planning to keep her and change minor things ;)
Subject D-6-T-R-4-E by AtomicRedHead7  This is her by the way...

I've always wanted to write stories, and i'm teaming up with a friend with friend to do this project, and the friend is :iconshinysmeargle: she will be the artist, and i'm the writer, i'll be doing a FAQ in this journal to explain the comic real quick.

Question 1: what's "Captain NX: the new game master"?

Answer 1: Captain NX is a FAN web comic based on the TV show: "Captain N: the gamer master"

Question 2: I never heard of captain N, was it a good TV show?

Answer 2: No actually, it was a terrible show, to give you an idea on how bad it was, Nostalgia Critic; a you tuber who reviews terrible shows from the past, reviewed it, see?

Question 3: So, then why are you making a comic based on a terrible TV show?

Answer 3: 2 reasons actually, 1.) i like the idea of the show and i'm a Nintendo fanboy (even though the show is terrible, i liked the premise in general) and 2.) ShinySmeargle and I have shown interested in redesigning terrible movies or TV shows, basically thinking of ways to make it better or at least our interpretations of how the movie or TV show should have been. 

Question 4: what will the story be about?

Answer 4: Sorry! not telling!

Question 5: *watches the video and does research* OK, so the TV show had video game characters in them, will you have some of the same characters?

Answer 5: well, i can confirm that SOME of the original character will be in there (characters Pit from Kid Icraus and Megaman will return, BUT! this is an updated version of the Captain N story

Question 6: WAIT?! UPDATED STORY?!

Answer 6: yeah, the title "Captain NX" is in reference to the new Nintendo Console, the Nintendo switch! (the "NX" coming from the switch's original name)

Question 7: so, if it's an updated version of captain N story? what will be different?

Answer 7: A NEW CAST OF COURSE, one that will fit more perfectly in year 2017

Question 8: so, how's the new cast? can you us some examples

Answer 8: of course, some characters include: Breath OF The Wild Link and Zelda (because link and zelda were in the original cartoon) Samus Aran (i don't know why she wasn't present in the cartoon, but she will be in the comic) like i said before, megaman and pit will return as well, and some Skyrim and Splatoon characters will be in the comic as well, but that will remain unknown (but if you are that curious, there will be favorites folder for the cast right here…) and other OCS will be kept secret from the public...

Question 9: when will the comic come out?

Answer 9: we are still thinking about when we should do it. i'm thinking of doing it soon, while Shiny is thinking of doing maybe after she's finished with her comic: Crimson Moonlight

and that's it, 9 Questions and Answers that will explain the project. if you have any other questions, comment down below! thanks for taking the time to read this! :D



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